PAIKON is our cloud-based platform for AI-powered image analysis of histopathological whole slide images.

  • Digital microscope in the web browser for the analysis of whole slide images
  • AI-powered analysis of cells and genes to detect & classify cells, count and measure interactions between specific gene signals
  • Developed with pathologists to ensure ease-of-use and workflow integration
  • Cloud-based infrastructure hosted on Telekom Cloud
Watch our 1-min teaser about PAIKON: LINK

HER2 FISH testing

HER2 FISH testing is the gold standard for determining HER2 status in breast and gastric cancer patients, enabling the development of personalized treatment plans and improving patient outcomes.

PAIKON helps pathologists by localizing nuclei and gene signals and quantifying HER2 (ERBB2) and CEN17 (CEP17) signal ratios.

PAIKON saves time by automating the laborous detection and counting of signals. It improves accuracy by provides detailed data analytics. And it facilitates documenting by providing shareble links to ROIs.

HER2 CISH testing

CISH (chromogenic ISH) testing allows for cost-effective HER2 testing using a brightfield microscope, while preserving tissue morphology and allowing long-term storage.

PAIKON for CISH HER2 testing is currently under development. It aids pathologists in the time-consuming localization of nuclei that are suitable for analysis as well as a the quantification of HER2 and CEN17 gene signals.