Katana Labs is one of twenty visionary startups in 2024

Katana Labs has been featured in the latest edition of inVISION News eMagazin as one out of 20 visionary startups! Our innovative AI-driven software solutions are set to revolutionize cancer diagnostics. Our flagship product, PAIKON, integrates cloud and AI technology to deliver unparalleled precision and speed in analyzing cancer tissue samples.

Katana Labs is tackling the pressing need for efficient and accurate cancer diagnostics amidst the global hashtag#rise in cancer cases and a shortage of pathologists. With AI, we’re automating histopathological analysis, ensuring timely and reliable results crucial for effective treatment planning.

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IQ Innovation Award in the Life Sciences Cluster for cancer diagnostics with artificial intelligence

In cancer diagnostics, the decision as to whether a cancer is benign or malignant lies in the hands of the pathology department, where the tissue is examined manually using a microscope. However, increasing numbers of cases and a lack of specialist staff are leading to a fatal bottleneck, which the Dresden-based start-up Katana Labs wants to solve with its PAIKON platform: a digital microscope that uses artificial intelligence to analyze millions of tumor cells in a tissue sample in just a few moments. The innovation was awarded the Life Sciences Cluster Prize of the 20th IQ Innovation Award Central Germany at the award ceremony in Merseburg Cathedral on Thursday evening.

“This innovation is a perfect example of how artificial intelligence can help us tackle the major challenges of our time. Staff shortages are not only a problem in the healthcare system, but here they can have dramatic consequences. The Katana Labs platform can process much more information than a human being, relieving the pressure on tight pathology workflows and providing a much broader basis for decision-making in seconds. The founding team is convincing in its claim to revolutionize the diagnosis of the number one widespread disease and also to open up completely new possibilities in research,” said Jörn-Heinrich Tobaben, Managing Director of Metropolregion Mitteldeutschland Management GmbH, explaining the jury’s decision. Endowed with 7,500 euros, the cluster prize was donated by IDT Biologika GmbH.

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Article on 20th IQ Innovation Award (in German)

Katana Labs' Lead AI Advisor receives a professorship for AI at TU Dresden

We are very pleased for our Lead AI Advisor at Katana Labs Martin Weigert that he has now been appointed professor for machine learning for spatial understanding at the Institute for Artificial Intelligence at Technische Universität Dresden. His research focuses on the exploration of robust and efficient machine learning methods for image-based life science applications with a focus on scalable and problem-adapted methods that enable quantitative extraction of information from large microscopy data. This applies in particular to the recognition, segmentation and tracking of biological objects such as cells, cell nuclei or gene localizations.

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State Seceratry Inés Fröhlich visits Katana Labs

We were very pleased about the visit of State Secretary Inés Fröhlich from the Sächsisches Staatsministerium für Wirtschaft, Arbeit und Verkehr to our Katana Labs office. As became clear during the conversation with State Secretary Inés Förhlich, AI is one of the key technologies of the future in Saxony and we at Katana Labs are at the forefront of AI and cancer diagnostics.

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Katana Labs interview

Find out more about our startup Katana Labs in an interview with Startup Mitteldeutschland and about our ambitions to improve the diagnosis of cancer with the help of AI.


Katana Labs is nominated for IQ innvovation price Germany

We are delighted that our startup Katana Labs has been nominated for the IQ Innovation Award IQ Innovationspreis Mitteldeutschland. Yesterday we pitched our PAIKON product platform, which we want to use to make cancer diagnostics faster and better via AI.

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Interview with CEO Falk Zakrzewski on AI and cancer diagnostics

Katana Labs as the AI startup from Saxony, which fights cancer with the help of AI, was interviewed by the MDR MITTELDEUTSCHER RUNDFUNK. See and hear in the interview why I consider it essential that our startup Katana Labs continues to be a model founder for the use of AI against the sunami of cancer.


Prime Minister of Saxony Michael Kretschmer supports Katana Labs

We at Katana Labs are immensely proud that Prime Minister of Saxony Michael Kretschmer supports our work in developing AI for cancer diagnostics and finds our approach as a startup particularly exciting.