Katana Labs provides services to R&D teams in precision medicine with its cutting-edge image analysis powered by AI technology. We offer the following services to advance your research and development.

Image Analysis

Our best-in-class AI algorithms detect and characterize cell and tissue architecture. We specialize in nucleus segmentation and detection of intracellular signals.

We provide high-dimensional measurements to support large-scale tissue analysis for the development of new biomarkers and treatments.

Let us help your R&D team in pharma, biotech, and CROs with precision medicine by leveraging machine learning and data analysis.

Spatial Analysis

Our AI-powered spatial data analysis reveals the spatial organization of cells and tissues, enabling us to map interactions between different types of cells such as immune and tumor cells.

This deepens the understanding of cancer biology, identifies potential new biomarkers, and improves patient stratification.

Rely on our experienced team of image analysts, pathologists, and AI experts to deliver bespoke solutions that turn large-scale tissue data into actionable results.

Laboratory Services

Katana Labs is creating a state-of-the-art laboratory to provide staining and scanning services that deliver high-quality standardized image quality.

Trust us to provide high-quality standards that your research deserves.

Join the future of precision medicine with Katana Labs’ innovative image analysis.